Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Knobs Instead Of Handles? The Better Option Overall?

The household doorknob was developed many years ago before there was ever thought of a lever design that might work in the same manner. Whilst the door lever handle has captured a major proportion of the door furniture market, there is a range of markets where the door knob has a potential usage. There has been quite a resurgence in the designs of the different types of door knobs and this has rejuvenated the market for this type of door handle.

The lever type of door furniture has some advantages that require some consideration before a change is made, firstly the lever type is easier to open as it requires a straight push down rather than a twisting action. This is particularly important if people are moving through the doors with things in their hands as the door can be opened without putting the items down before opening the door.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Handles Are More Than Just A Pretty Look

When the new kitchen is installed take a little time and examine what is required for your kitchen and not just what looks the most attractive. Certainly looks are vitally important but the conditions in a kitchen and the problems that are particular to this area warrant a good examination so that sometime later you are not cursing the choice made. In any kitchen there will be a theme presented by the kitchen units that have been bought and installed and there will be a desire that the theme is continued with the door handles but consider some of the options first.

Any kitchen door handle will have to take a fair amount of abuse as it is an area where the doors are in continual usage and they will be opened in a regular pattern. Also the door handles are often opened whilst the person using them has something else in his hands or a simple one off operation is required. In this case the handle can be damaged or broken.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Why Composite Doors Are The Best Choice

When looking for a front door the main requirements we ask for are durability, security, economy and aesthetics. Also, as awareness towards environmental and energy saving issues increases, energy efficiency is becoming another important condition to consider when choosing the closure elements for our homes. And it has been proven that the type of doors that are best fulfilling all those requirements are composite doors.

These doors are most often made out of a hardwood subframe that contains the composite material, high density polyurethane foam that forms a solid core, which is very hard. It is this hard core that gives this type of doors the resistance they are known for. The standard composite slab is more than 40mm thick and weighs around 75kg, which makes it really difficult to break through and gives it the sturdy feel that real wooden doors have. Also, thanks to the high density of the filling material, upon installation these doors offer a very good acoustic isolation and heat losses are dramatically reduced. They are not only a very secure door option, but also compliant with legally required U-values, offering great energy efficiency.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

A Great Shower Door Installation

If you do it the right way, there are few pleasures on earth better than a hot shower in a glass-encased shower stall. Of course, there's one thing that really is better than that - a hot shower in a shower stall encased in glass that you put there yourself. A shower door installation, for the DIY enthusiast, can be a very entertaining project to take up. It isn't that hard, but it does involve skill, patience, the use of the right tools and results that can simply look stunning. Stunning in the way that can make you feel good about yourself. So here's a little shower door installation guide for the first-time DIY enthusiast.

The first thing you need to do is to cut that track. You need to carefully measure the area inside the shower door, and use the measurement to cut the track. You can use a hack saw for it. If you really want straight edges, a miter box would be good idea.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Update Your Home and Add Beauty With French Patio Donrs

Making your home look beautiful is something you strive for when you're selecting new furnishings and décor. Yet, making your home look good goes beyond simple furnishings. French patio doors are just one way to make your home beautiful and inviting. Modern homes today use French patio doors as an inexpensive way to add a touch of class and you can do the same for your home if you know the factors to consider.

French Patio Doors Buying Factors

When it's time to buy new French patio doors for your home, there are a lot of things you need to consider. You'll want to investigate the energy efficiency of each style of door you're considering. Not all doors will offer the same degree of energy efficiency, but in order to keep your energy costs low, this is a very important factor to consider. From the door frame to the window pane, there are many elements that can be energy efficient.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Benefits of Wooden Exterior Doors

Wooden exterior doors are a wonderful addition to any home. From cute little bungalows with stucco walls to sprawling mansions with brick details, they add a beautiful touch to the overall look and feel of a structure to truly make it feel like a home. Choosing wooden exterior doors to most other common types of doors, there are many benefits that come along with them, especially when they are made by some of the top professionals in the business.

Just because a door is a seemingly simple design doesn't mean just anyone can make one of wood, there are many important steps and details involved to ensure the door is solid, sturdy and prepared for a variety of outdoor conditions. The difference between a professionally made wooden door and a cheaply made one is the way it can withstand heavy use over time.

Warm and Inviting

Wooden exterior doors immediately add a sense of warmth to a home. Wood is naturally considered a warm material no matter if it's painted or in its natural state. The wooden doors are also a very inviting sight compared to the cold and sterile look and feel of metal doors or the cheaper look of plastics. If you would like a nice pleasing look for your home, choose to get either modern or traditional wooden exterior doors for the front and the back.

Versatile for Décor

Wooden exterior doors are also very versatile depending on the colour and style you desire. From simple solid doors, cut out windows or decorative moulding, there are many different style combinations that can be perfectly customized for your exact preferences. Even the general shape of the door can change from the standard rectangular design. Choose from rounded tops, French door designs, arches or a truly unique shape as you envision it.

Natural Insulator

Wood is a wonderful natural insulator for a home. Unlike cold metals, they retain the heat indoors and block the cold from outside. Also, the thicker the door, the more strength and insulation you get, but just make sure to have proper framing done to block any possibilities of air flow through the gaps between the door and the frame.

Sense of Security

Since wood in naturally strong, dense and durable, there is also a greater sense of security when installing wooden exterior doors. Not only are you able to choose from a wide variety of wood types and densities but you can also opt for custom doors that are reinforced for even more security and long-lasting qualities.

Add Curb Appeal

Wooden doors are not just beautiful for the home owners to look at and enjoy but also for anyone who may be visiting or just passing by. Wooden doors add a lot of curb appeal because of the warm inviting feel they give to a structure. If you happen to choose to sell the home one day, you will certainly have much better luck getting potential buyers with a wooden exterior door than with anything else, simply ask any professional real estate agent.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Wooden Exterior Doors to Show Elegance and Class

Everyone would like to take pride in their home and create a beautiful environment that will immediately put them at ease while at the same time offer elegant curb appeal for others who may pay a visit every now and then. Having a home that shows true elegance and class will not only increase the overall value of the home but also have great appeal that perfectly shows off your personal sense and style.

In order to complete such a look, consider the following tips that many professionals recommend to home owners looking to give their place a sophisticated lift:

Wooden Exterior Doors

Wooden exterior doors add a wonderfully elegant touch to a home. Since wooden exterior doors instantly add a warm and inviting feeling, many classic homes will have traditional designs while others will combine the warmth of the wood with more contemporary designs.

While many people choose only to add front wooden exterior doors, it's also possible to have the same style for all of the doors around the home. This will give a nice complete look to a home. In addition to the matching doors, there are other options than many homeowners should consider for a clean polished look to a home. Many designers will also recommend getting wooden trim or wooden shutters to match the wooden exterior doors.

Manicured Landscape

To follow suit with the surrounding area of the home, it's very important to keep it to the same standard and look as the overall home design, especially with the exterior. No matter how beautiful a home may look, if the landscape surrounding it is not clean and polished, it defeats the purpose of putting in so much effort in the first place.

Try to maintain a clean manicured environment around the home. It's not necessary to have a full time gardener; however it does help to have professionals spruce up lawns and gardens at least once or twice a year. From general lawn maintenance, visual features, driveway cleanliness and flower beds, keeping a clean and healthy looking environment will do wonders to a home and even provide a personal sanctuary that everyone would love to come home to.

Combine Details for a Polished Look

One thing that professionals like to do for tying in the outdoor décor with the gardens is to add details pulled directly from the home's exterior and add it into the landscape. For example, details from the wooden exterior doors, like the same type or colour of wood, the same pattern or style or even decorative details can be repeated throughout the garden in small detail. One look at the whole picture will instantly show the effort and true elegance of the property as a whole.

If you are thinking of changing the look of your home or simply thinking of ways to give it a nice decorative boost without going over the top, consider the versatility of wood and how it can instantly create a warm natural looking space. Whether you like traditional, artsy, modern or ethnic styles, wooden doors and landscapes can easily be crafted and customized according to any taste and style. The options are virtually endless to customize and create the perfect home exterior that you would simply love with other options further down the line to add and change small details for an entirely new look.