Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Knobs Instead Of Handles? The Better Option Overall?

The household doorknob was developed many years ago before there was ever thought of a lever design that might work in the same manner. Whilst the door lever handle has captured a major proportion of the door furniture market, there is a range of markets where the door knob has a potential usage. There has been quite a resurgence in the designs of the different types of door knobs and this has rejuvenated the market for this type of door handle.

The lever type of door furniture has some advantages that require some consideration before a change is made, firstly the lever type is easier to open as it requires a straight push down rather than a twisting action. This is particularly important if people are moving through the doors with things in their hands as the door can be opened without putting the items down before opening the door.

There is also the problem that most lever handles are anti-ligature in their operation, which means that you cannot easily catch something on them from clothing that will cause a strangulation type accident. The doorknob does have a problem in this respect as a loose piece of clothing may catch over the full handle being round and smooth and the person may be pulled up very quickly if moving at speed. The level to which this is important will need to be considered but the advantage of a smooth round doorknob is that any snagged clothes will often pull off equally quickly. The turning of a doorknob does have some advantages where young children are concerned as they rarely have the strength to turn a doorknob in order to escape the confines and safety of the room they are in.

There are some superb designs around at present and this article will just consider the glass and acrylic market. They will fit in any house of character but this is not the only market as the smooth lines and simple materials also allow them to fit well into a modern house.

There are some smooth round doorknob designs that are made from high quality acrylics and these have very clean lines, the shapes are usually spherical or oval and they are often slightly opaque or whitish in colour. The glass knobs can be very ornate with a spherical shape with is multi-faceted so that they look excellent in position on the door. There are several different designs both in size and shape and number of facets on the glass but they fit very well with a brass or stainless rose.

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